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Bildungshaus Sankt Magdalena Schatzweg 177
4040 Linz

+43 (0)732 / 25 30 41-0
+43 (0)732 / 25 30 41-35

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Our mission statement

The Bildungshaus Sankt Magdalena is a hub for adult education, communication and discussion, a place of meeting and of quality of life. Education means orientation, and that is where we want to make our contribution to society. 


The Bildungshaus Sankt Magdalena was opened in 1976 and is owned by the Raiffeisen Education and Advancement Society (Raiffeisen-Bildungs- und Förderungsverein) and has been named Dr Erwin Wenzl Haus since 1996.

Educational offer

The work is determined by offerings for different target groups and their variety of methods and content. The orientation of the events is based, on the one hand, on the needs and current trends of our visitors, but on the other hand on social issues that do not reflect the current zeitgeist. The Educational Center also sees its role in addressing and discussing relevant questions of the time, conflicts and problems, as well as processing them and developing them for people and society. The Educational Center sees itself as an intermediary between culture producers and our visitors. The further education, the personal development, life counselling, family and education issues and the promotion of creativity are integral parts of our programme. 

Hotel and Gastronomy

Attached to the Educational Center is an independent hotel and catering area. Good food and drink, as well as relaxing sleep are what make hospitality for us. As a result, we ensure the possibility of joint communication between event participants, which significantly contributes to the immersion and learning of those involved. Due to its geographical location on the outskirts of Linz, the Educational Center is predestined to be a point of contact between the city and rural population, a bridge between the rural producers and urban consumers. This is also reflected in the purchasing of goods and the product offer. 


The happiness of our visitors and customers is the highest maxim of our operations, which is characterised by reliability, quality, efficiency and sustainability. We respond to change and are constantly developing ourselves in this light. Our employees are motivated, independent and are the pillars of our company. The Bildungshaus Sankt Magdalena has the EB Forum OÖ [Adult Educational Forum Upper Austria] quality seal and Ö-Cert [AT-Cert]. Furthermore, we are certified according to ISO 9001:2015.


Consumers of our educational offerings and visitors of our in-house events come from a variety of regions and social and religious backgrounds, across all generations. 

The Upper Austrian Raiffeisen Cooperatives – above all the Raiffeisenbanken Group Upper Austria – see the Bildungshaus Sankt Magdalena Educational Center as a partner for vocational and education events, for both voluntary functionaries and for full-time employees.